24: B125PZ692 Confirmed.

29 Apr

I begin my post just as i will through out this blog,referring  to a  TV series that captures the context.Today’s show :


The show goes something like this,Each 24 -episode  season covers 24 hours in the life of Jack Bauer as he does death defying fits of heroism…the opening line goes something like “…the following takes place between 1am and 2 am…..”.Each show uses real time method of narration.
well this event mimics this format.

So its a normal  Friday evening in campus-4:00pm to be precise-lessons are just over and i can swear if u look  keenly  you can see the smirks on everyone’s face…well almost everyone except me….stick with this mental picture it will come in  handy later on.


so a couple of campus drama sessions later  i  hit  the hostels, grab my comp and console myself with gossip on Twitter and one or two inboxes from Facebook….

It happens just like it does every Friday on campus,the phone rings..”beep!beeep!” thank God for caller ID,because i am in no mood of picking calls from my crew right now.Grab my headphones and jam to some hip hop tunes”…all i need is one mic one mic,all i need is one mic…” just as Nas is making my evening, there’s a knock at the door.


for some weird reason the door isn’t locked,so a couple of pals burst in.

“wewe jaymo,mbona simu hushiki?!” i dish out a lie about how i was asleep and that my phone was on silent mode hence the reason.

“so itakuwaje?”…..

You remember that frown i had earlier,well this is the part of story i explain….after a week of non stop raving,my finances are extremely crippled,hence a brother cant go out boozing with the fellas,   a lie is required.
“siwezi enda boss,nina homa ingine!ata saa hii ndo nime amka. ”
Pato gives me that look..”iza basi,naskia ya leo ina bamba mbaya”…a look at the time 8:00pm

After playing Need for Speed for the next 1 hour- save for 20 minute supper room mate walks in… look is enough to guess what is next.


“boss…nakwambia ile crowd ime dunda leo!! lazima nifike”
so now here is the fix: 1.)am broke 2.)am broke  3.)am broke
ever heard of a catch 22  situation well here is one,if i go am screwed if i don’t am screwed….so what to do?
The following reads like a script from every campo students life,i cook up a lie to extort money form anyone naive enough.
After a couple of calls here and there it comes,that text that can change your evening in an instant
“toot toot”

” B125PZ692 confirmed. You have received Ksh2025
from JOHN DOE +254722123456
on 20/2/11 at 9:38PM
New M-Pesa balance is Ksh 2030″


Before i even finish reading the text my shoes are on,am switching off the comp,and turning the lights off,talk about multitasking.
time by my watch 11:00pm…Jack Bauer has nothing on me.
And that is what i call an M-Pesa moment.


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2 responses to “24: B125PZ692 Confirmed.

  1. June Juma

    May 13, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Another good reason to stay put wit…”SAFARICOM, THE BESTEST OPTION”…lolest

    • akajaymo

      May 13, 2011 at 10:12 am

      sup june…finally decided to check out the blog.


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