The IT crowd:Feasty Friday.

30 Apr

TV drama for the day:

The IT Crowd.

Set in the London offices of the fictional corporation Reynholm industries,the show  revolves around the three staff members of its IT department,comprising their boss,the geeky technician and a genius named Maurice Moss….(sorry no intern in the drama)

Well my IT department is no different…there are 3 staff members plus me(the intern).How are my days like you may wonder?well..

My mornings are typical,its past 6:30am and am headed to the bus stop(i conveniently left out the part about how I woke up,dragged myself to the shower…you know) jamming to some music from my phone.7:45am  am at work.For some weird reason i always  find my boss  in the office,I have noted that I usually leave him at work am some how find him there,talk  about resilience….I am yet to ascertain  he doesn’t  teleport  himself  to work…so i boot up my machine and my day officially begins.

Now anyone with basic computer skills will agree with me that a computer with no administrative privileges is like a glorified calculator,well am not logged in as an administrator. What this means is no custom settings,no Facebook,no Twitter and yes no Blogging.All i have for pass time is email forwarding.

Now don’t get it twisted and think  am not ecstatic,quite the contrary,in place of  regular internet i have a whole file-server to myself,next to that is the mail server and a server room. My workstation is equally impressive..why u may ask?Visual Studio 2010 babie,and not the cracked version i have on my PC,the real thing…..that’s like a programmers wet dream.

Just as i get settled!

“ring! ring! ring!”

“IT Support how may i help you”, yes people the phone knows just  how to ruin a perfect moment ,coding today will have to be delayed.

A couple of loose connections and several restarts  later and am back!

mod explain


sub main()

Dim section,aggregate  As Integer

Time to get back to the art of the code……….all  in an interns day!

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