one tree hill:Evolution of JKUAT chics.

01 May

opening hook:


one tree hill is a story of a couple of high school teens and we follow them through their freshman year,sophmore,junior,senior and their young adult life.In which course  we observe individual evolution.

well just like i always do,let the juxtaposition begin:

first year of campus.

good girl

The girls are at their most naïve, of course, in spite of themselves thinking very wise. They have all kinds of  values set, what they want t accomplished, high standards.They must be smart, well dressed, kind, polite, a Christian, hard worker, non-drinker, non-smoker, this list could go on and on.Classes are attended on time,cats are never dabbed,assignments never ‘photocopied’…..this list can go on like a roll of tissue so ill stop there,u get the picture.

Boys are the last thing running 0n their  naïve minds,but this in no way deters the fellas from ‘ponyokaing ‘ with them,over the years strategies have put in place and ponyokaing with one,so before the poor fresha can say ‘black ice’,the jamma will have pitiad her and gone to the next one.Her dreams of getting married to Mr.Right will go up in smoke

second year of campus

In the second year, it’s hard to pin a girl down because she just wants to have fun. She has been through the disappointment of seeing her heart torn into pieces and her ring tone will be’ single lady-Beyonce’
She will not be contented with a  fanta  kwa  room or a smokie bun with fries, but wants to be taken out for  rave. Its at this stage in life that she will develop a phobia for paying  for her drinks,fare,credo.

third year of campus


TTY (tired third year). I call this the epiphany year,the year it begins to hit you,by this time transcripts will contain all other grades except A & B.She will either give up or get her act together,those chics who have not had their share of campus relationships will find themselves with younger campo jammas.Those with mature relationships will get serious,hands will be held in public,kisses to.

fourth year of campus


In the final years of campus , it’s easy to tell who may marry whom, because they introduce each other to their respective families during graduation. Some go ahead and get pregnant, leaving campus with a degree, husband and kid.On the other hand chics who have missed out on campus life  will go crazy…they will experiment with weed,booze, night stands will be nothing big to them and the walk of shames from guy’s hostels will define them

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