Prison Break: The Hague 6 Episode.

01 May

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prison break

The TV series Prison Break goes a little bit like this… Michael Scoffield gets himself arrested. He does this, to try break his brother Lincoln out of Fox river prison. As the series goes on, Michael Scoffield finds it difficult to work alone and so he gets help-some of it un warranted- to help break his brother out. An F.B.I agent is hot on their heels along with the prison warder. That’s the brief…

Scoffield Kenyatta

A member of Kenya’s elite society. His friend has been arrested and is at Central Police station. He conjures up a plan to burst his good friend and brother out.

Lincoln Rutto

He claims it’s a government conspiracy out to finish him. His only hope for freedom lies outside the scope of justice. The odds are stacked against him. He knows that this is the end of the road. He pleads innocence. Lucky for him, he knows he has a brother and a friend, he knows he can always count on Scoffield Kenyatta!

T-Bag Kosgay

He has a list of accusations against him longer than a roll of toilet paper. He has been out the run for years. This time, the long arm of the law seems to have caught up with him. His only hope of getting out of Central Cop station, is by clinging on to Scoffield and Link… His accent and look make him a very distinct character. He has never stood on his own two feet. He always leans on someone… and often bends over and why does he do all that? Oh well.. is KOS he’s GAY!

Sucre Muthaura

Soft spoken. He was framed for a crime he did not commit. His only crime, was that of passion and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is at Central police station and many believe he has been falsely accussed. He was set-up. Those that set him up, are roaming free. Will Sucre Muthaura squeal? Lucky for him, Scofield and Link, have a plan. From the cells of central, he can see the plush hotel that he often stayed. In his heart, he is clean. he has built a friendship with both Kenyatta and Rutto. He hopes that when the time comes, they will take him along.

Abruzzi Ali

A general by right… Abruzzi Ali is a kingpin of the underground. He is the boss and his name precedes him even at Central! He finds himself at central not by his own making, but because his people went amock. He bears responsibility because those he entrusted with command, went absolutely berserk. He now has to pay for the sins of his hirelings. Ali, rarely smiles, but he knows people on the outside he can work with.

Lincoln Junior Arap Sang

He is paying for the sins committed by his father. L.j.s finds himself alongside seasoned professionals. He is at a distinct disadvantage. Lincoln Rutto can not do without L.J.S… Scoffield Kenyatta knows that he will have to break out L.J.S. The plan is set in motion.

Bellick Ocampo

He is in charge of the cells at central. He single handedly has made life, a living nightmare.

The characters are in place… the plan is in motion. And now, its game on.

The Plan…

Scoffield with all his wisdom, decided to survey the region around central in advance. When he had everything in motion, he went to his tattoo artist to get it all sketched in his body. Unfortunately, Scoffield Kenyatta went to the tattoo guy via the bar. He got himself in a drunken stupor. It is only on day two that Scoffield Kenyatta realized that he gave his instruction upside down. His tattoos do not make any sense. However, he has guaranteed his brother Lincoln Rutto that he will come through for him.

What else can go wrong? A lot!

Scoffield Kenyatta gets incarcerated at central. Lincoln Rutto vows to protect him from other inmates as they work on their plans. To do this, he will have to rely on the strong arm tactics of Abruzzi Ali. He also has to make sure that he does not get himself entangled with the mean warden in charge of the facility. Mr Bellick Ocampo.

Lincoln Rutto’s hand is everywhere a central. He has to protect L.J.S and from T-Bag Kosgay. T-Bag Kosgay has an ability to talk his way into and out of everything. Lincoln’s greatest fear is that T-Bag Kosgay will do unthinkable to L.J.S.

Sucre Muthaura, soft spoken, with a big heart is recruited to be the look out chap. He is to again be the spanner boy. How will they escape?… Now that Scofield’s map is upside down and nobody can make heads or tales of it.

The Escape

After much debate, it is agreed, that T-Bag Kosgay will be left behind to face the wrath of Bellick Ocampo alone. He will be the fall out guy. Abruzzi Ali, with his connections at central, manages to get a vehicle on the ready. The car is to be on University Way. The get away driver is his good friend and former A.P commandant. The A.P commandant owes Abruzzi Ali a favor and he wishes to redeem himself by helping out Ali.

On the night of the break, T-Bag refuses to fall for the tricks of Scofield and Lincoln. He hangs on to the coat tails of L.J.S for he knows that this is his meal ticket. The look out boy, Mr Sucre Muthaura, manages to fool Mr Bellick Ocampo with his innocent look. Little does Bellick Ocampo know that behind the innocence,is a tough tricky fellow. Bellick Ocampo is about to find things out the hard way!

L.J.S being the smallest of the group, is tasked with sneaking between the bars and opening them from the outside. He then opens the cell doors for the other escapees-T-Bag close behind. The group realizes that they will not be able to shake him off. They all have to go.

Once outside the cell, L.J.S opens the doors and it is then that they try to refer to Scofield’s tattoos. They are not understandable. However, Abruzzi Ali, gets a phone, thanks to his connections in the inside, and a call is placed to the “outside”. Someone M-Pesa’s some money and the doors at central are flung open!

Once outside the gates of central… Scofield looks at Lincoln and they cant believe Abruzzi’s people have not arrived. Abruzzi Ali calls his “people” and they mad a mistake. They didn’t realize that Chinese Wooiye Company were redoing University Way. With all the traffic, they run out of fuel. Now, the Hague 6 have to make a run for it through town. Meanwhile, Bellick Ocampo is hot on the trail and he gets wind of the escape. He gathers that the Hague 6 are planning to board a matatu and they have been spotted at Odeon. Scofield Kenyatta being the man with the plan, had a plan B as well. They take a train instead and from there, its all the way to Uganda. Upon getting to the railway station, bad news hits them… when people at Kibera heard that Abruzzi Ali had escaped prison, they started demonstrating and at they have Ngoad Reli. It is not looking good for the Hague 6.

Bellick Ocampo, is a man on a mission. He wants the Central escapees now known as the Hague 6 back in his cell and he is willing to go to all lengths to get them back. Only one man still roams the earth after escaping from Bellick Ocampo. He is called Bashir.

Originally written by Rasymond Chepkwony (c)All intellectual rights reserved

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