The dog ate my post.

07 May

The dog ate my last post,seriously,you guys haven’t been wondering where my writing went, ama you thought i was one of those one hit wonder blogs, no am still trying to keep you thrilled.After my brief stint in court am back.

Now let me see what has happened since i last bloooged….

ooh how could i have forgotten,my birthday was on wednesday,a bratha turned a year older,so how old am i now?

Assume my former age was X then in all honesty my current age is X+1.Does that satisfy your curiosity!!!

For once my birthday was at home,wasn’t in campo as is the norm,so you know what this meant,no contra bun could be used so am comfortably saying this hoping mum would see this,his Little boy not on Drugs. Just for the record i have postponed the bash to sato,Wednesday having been an office day,and yes booze will be served,but the proximity to a petrol station is not guaranteed so make sure you don’t ride on an empty moti….and for you contra bun fanatics of mine,make sure you bring air freshener

so you can rest assured my Sunday blog will have all the dirt that went down

“It’s been what? a week” someone at work asked me  today

Okay its been 9 days am keeping my cool @ work studying everyone and everything, why you may wonder,I want to know who to fear  who wants respect, who wants to be avoided, who wants those early morning  greetings “bwana asifiwe ” style, which interns to befriend, what to talk with the HR intern and not with the accounts intern,which Whites to sengenya in Swahili (I hear some of them even speak  kiuk!!!  Who would have thought?),and which ones to always ask for interpretation,thick accent and all.

The same guy asked me ” what do you want to leave with at the end of this internship”

Hadn’t really thought of that, so I told him some story about how I want to learn how to apply my studies in the…………….in short I told him some fabricated story,made up to get him off my case.

But for real though what do i really want? I don’t want to be everyone’s friend or the best intern, ama the intern who drives the chics crazy (though I wouldn’t mind that).All i want is to be is  a reliable intern, the guy who solves your qualms without Google.

The week was not bad, but just like anything in life kuna the Highs and Low.


There is no feeling greater  than someone asking you “how did you do that!” even if it’s as easy as running task manager to kill a process (yes task manager is not universally recognized)

There is enough eye candy in this place to last me 4 months….enough said about that, am not mentioning names or departments

For the first time I can walk freely into the server room(where my morning tweets are being sent from) without having to be searched, metal detectors being pulled out, urine  samples taken. I can give warnings to staff members about going online to unauthorized sites; my conversations usually go something like this

“Mr. Fulani, have you read the companies IT Policies, You know this is an infringement of the policies”

I am working with some JKUAT alumni and stories Of Gashororo are being exchanged, Hall Six mayhem and Stories of Ratish.


Waking up early, and by early I mean zile ma time bado TV in air TCM, having been used to waking up at around 9 am this is something I am working on seriously.

Eating alone at the cafeteria, I haven’t yet ventured outside my cocoon, am I no rush somehow the food tastes better

I don’t want to analyze too much…just know I like the place so far.

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