#NAIROBI NIGHTS:AProstitute’s story.

14 May

My name is Sue. I practice along Koinange street,Nairobi.These are  my thoughts, observations and experiences from my prostitution world. Nothing of the soft, sympathy seeking Topsy turvy kind. But straight talk, hard facts and real anecdotes. They are worth something.

No good people I wasn’t picking up some random mama at some flimsy curb along Koinange Street, far from it, I just finished watching an interview -The stream on Aljazeera. I was watching a Kenyan Prostitute (Pardon my crude language), take the oldest profession to the internet airwaves, keeping those close to her in the dark.

This isn’t striking in any way until you get to know that she has a blog, and posts about her night escapades.

She blogs about what society expects of prostitutes, how they are treated and how they deal with it all.

She has managed to keep it a secret only her clients and the girls she works with know her true identity. Her parents have no idea

So am like what the f***.Here is this eloquent mama speaking her experiences out to the world, the question going through my mind is how did she end up here, I mean how did this lady become a prostitute. Everything points to her taking a different career path, but here she is being interviewed on an international platform about what she does.

Allow me to indulge you in a little bit of Sue’s life.

She isn’t you text book whore,I mean the kind that dropped out of  primary school in some far away rural  location that even Google Earth can’t locate, worked her way through some bars all before her 18th birthday. On 18 she took to her heels with the little cash saved and ended up in Nairobi.

Far from it, Sue is college educated, she says in the interview

“so what led me to prostitution? the easiest thing would be that I didn’t get a job after college and had bills to pay, But that to a large extent is a lie, True after collage I didn’t get a job but so did many of my classmates……”

She recounts how after just a few job applications she hobnobbed to S.J.(yes Sabina Joy).Where she got hooked up to prostitution

She claims it aint coz of the paper, she isn’t a Nympho-sex doesn’t thrill her enough to get her addicted-Prostitution for her is a way of life.

She Blogs at nairobinights and if you are the curious type you can email her at

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