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08 Jun

ending campo QR code

classy post title don’t you think,any who jaymo is back,stronger than a 6am erection.And  shyt did i miss yall even spyke09 the critic….mob loving.

So the weekend was fun,save the explosion an all,bumped into a friend early  Monday morning,and no he wasn’t running late or something.Dude was doing the Monday morning  walk of shame buck to his digs.And trust me you do not want to get your walk of shame on a Monday morning,when every one is going to work,thoughtful expressions,and sober minds na wewe sa hizo umetoke Langata.

So we got to chatting,i was feeling sufficiently philanthropic so i offered coffee .Had a couple of minutes to spare any way,so dude was like”aaaai jaymo!! kwani how  early do you wake up,hii programming itakuua….”It was actually minutes to 7am

so what drives me up that early,is it the money????Far from it…anyone who knows a thing or two about programmers will tell you they don’t do it for the money.(you ask zukerburg,linus trovalds or larry page) the  love of the code is grater than that of money.The feeling of watching an algorithm come to life is like getting an orgasm….yeah its that great

I have to be up by 5am,hit the shower,get dressed and out by 6.10am.By 7am am usually at my desk,the thing i love about working here is that i get ‘breakfast’ at and biscuits are served …..i switch on my comp(i never leave it on) and hit my 3 favorite blogs before anything else….I credit them as my early morning inspiration:

1.idd salim:

met him at kopokopo at *ihub..loved his work on the Mpesa api,before safaricom shut him down for knowing too much about the workings of their killer i hear  Plus People have already developed the api…liked the way they put the slogan…’one api to rule them all’….just likes lord of the rings.his tag:Kenyan born, bred and hardened Programming professional. Unix (FreeBSD) and Linux (Debian) systems admin, Concepts creator, thinker, Mentor, Motivator, Open-Source evangelist, no-nonsense blogger, IT Security Consultant.

2:*Ihub blog:


Did i just here you ask what ihub is? you dont have a clue what Mlab is either….and you into a computer related cource?Then here is my advice to you….’dude/dudet you need to get you act together and stop living under a rock’.Any who *ihub is the shyt…its an incubation for techies.This is the only place you can talk about complex algorithms and share code without looking geeky,you try that at JKUAT!! there blog is equally impresive to


3:Bikozulu:Man shall not live on code alone but on the occasional touch of biko’s  humour an word play…he blogs and also has a column on saturday magazine in the Nation.He the reason i can afford a smile even when shyt just doesnt add up


So after this i check my mail,its always advisable,huwezi jua labda umefutwa kazi na uko hapo ukicode.Then around 7.30 my day starts.

In campo u always here guys ask,how does this apply in real life or hii uta apply aje job….so here is my  advice to any one doing mathematics and computer science or anything related to this.

I’ll begin with the math:You see that calculus you hate,that ODE you skyved  class  or that linear algebra you was fa***g your chic….itakuja ku haunt you.If you want to code trust me lazima you kumbuka it all,and yes it does apply,how you may ask?

At *ihub  as new techies we  were trying to implement a certain app that had internet bandwidth utilization,so if this is function f(x),when is  bandwidth utilization  maximum..f'(x)=0..f”(x)=0 will give a minimum utilization which is desirable. From this The value of the function at either a max or a min is called an extreme value. f ‘(x) = 0 at both min and max value coz the tangent to the curve is horizontal- a 0 gradient hence the evaluation to 0. both the min and max points r at the extremes of the curve (cant go any further or lesser hence they r turning points).at min point f ‘(x) changes sign from − to +, the opposite at max its at this point…..does that answer you???

comps:remember dfd diagrams and system analysis,the way guys think its bull,shock on you,am currently working on a certain system(code named KwaRamali) and for the last week we have been doing nothing but paper coding.Drawing dfds o n white boards and implementing data structures……does that answer you???

Anywho i love programming and i love code.thats what keeps me going


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