4 stages of a Coder.

09 Jun

No i just had to blog about this….made my morning….hope it speaks to you,techies especially.Apparently its a forward from IddSalim’s Blog….so that being said


There are 4 stages in life that a coder/designer/copy-paster/code-snatcher/hacker passes by. Most stop at stage 2. Sadly.

1. The Struggling

You have JUST managed to pay for your laptop. Unahope daily adapter isichape. Rent is an issue every end of month. You hope the Matts have not ongezad 20 bob to the standard fare today, coz home hutafika. You reach iHub/Office at 10am and leave at 10pm, coz fare itakuwa imeshuka. Pete akipandisha bei tena ya chai haukunywi. No not in protest, but because you need to decide between Pete’s Coffee and fare home. Unataka kwenda Qz na maboyz, but ferrari ni wuzisha. But you keep your head up. You can smell the coffee.

2. The Existing

Yeah. A few projects later. You still struggle with deadlines. You don’t yet know what kind of projects to say no to. You find yourself with pitiful USD 1000 per month projects. Una Nne saa hii. Mtu Mmoja. All of them are 20% done. They are blocking your capacity to accept new better deals. You are in a deadlock. Fuck. The same work pending on Monday is still pending on Friday. I know you know worramseng.

Rent si issue. You have rent for at least the next 3 months. But daily una-hope usiwe msick. Bado unatumia Matt. Shame on you. Ok, not really shame. Ukijam leo unaangusha Vitz. But bank account itaachwa ndethe. Utakuwa na Bank-Ache.

Wasee always hukuambia : ‘Whaaaaat!! Sijawahi ona msee mnoma kama wewe.’.

3. The Living

You have finally discovered something called ‘delegation’. You have 2-3 coders working under/for/with you. Umeongea na Buggz akakupa lecture about ‘integrity’. Client is KING. They must be pleased. You don’t do mickey-mouse projects no more. You pick your clients. They don’t pick you. You no longer send proposals. You get RFQs. You don’t have a CV. Your work speaks for itself.

SupremeG ameku-fanyia orders kama twice hivi. Your bank calls you to ‘Say Hi’. Kila mwezi unadeposit kama 50k to 100k to your personal account. USD. Fala hii. Ulikuwa na argument na maboyz leo. Argument noma sana. Karibu m-fight. Wanataka mwende Zanzibar for the long weekend, unaprefer Seychelles. You can’t decide kama leo Hii meeting ya Airtel uende na Kompressor ama Range. You reach iHub/Office at 11am. Umetoka Golf. You leave at 4pm. Unaenda movie kiasi na kamamsilla. Hujadecide ni kagani. Knowworramseng?

4. The Thriving

The ultimate. Ndemo anakubeep. Unashangazwa na blog posts about struggling techies. Ajeaje? How can one own a PC, know how to use it and make less that 1.5M USD per month. Pesa yako. Si ya kampuni. Kila function, luncheone, nini, nini, unaitwa. Your opinion does ‘not matter’. It is the de-facto. Goverment IT policies unazi-draft. Every coder wants to meet you. Every gal wants to mate you.

And no. You have not written your own OS. No. Wewe si mnoma like that. Ni vile umeacha kuwa coder. Umekuwa businessman. You provide solutions. Not code.

Tafakari hayo.

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