#Twitter addiction.

09 Jul

It has become almost a routine,for lack of a better word ill call myself an addict…..a typical textbook addict…withdrawal symptoms kinda addict.No folks am not pulling one of those Galis stories on you,far from it,am talking about a certain Morning ritual I have become addicted to.Ill give you a hint,it involves…Dante,Chebet,Nelz and Ynair…..still no guess,ok then let me divulge,Twitter,,,,,yes folks every morning we tweet,just the 5 of us,about nothing,about everything…

twitter addict

SS<social sites> aren’t exactly my kinda thing,i did try my hand at a couple of them,there was Migg33 back in high school,when everyone thot being a migg merchant was the way to go<don’t even get me started on the poor internet speed back then>,that wave passed,next Facebook which i kinda maintained till date but was never the avid fecebooker…next 2go,sucked at that to<blame sony erricson> all this while paying no attention to my twitter account.

Until i landed on Gravity…


sasa jaymo Gravity ni nini??sawa basi wacha ni explain,after my sony erricson was repossessed by thugs,i had to downgrade to a nokia symbian s60 one day a checking out twitter apps and landed on the mother of all apps Gravity.


What really kunywad me with this twitter client was the Timeline.Gravity has the best timeline ever…no wonder you cant get a full version for free began my addiction with twitter, i began following guys i knew @ctumwet @ombuna@snellima guys i had just met once@iddsalim @savvykenya guys who blogged@archer @bikozulu  tech guys@kachwaya@ihub

So the morning ritual was born:Here is what happens most of the time,I always tweet earliest coz am at the office by 7.30am

@ombuna@snellima@ctumwet@ynair morning yall

That’s usually the first thing even before my eclipse is fired up for the days coding session.Minutes later Dante usually replies @aka_jaymo@ynair@ctumwet@snellima morning.

I then shift from gravity to web..and the days coversating can begin.This twitter list is really funny.

@ctumwet nicknamed dame wa kitenge coz she posted pics of her ‘homemade kitenge’ on her blog<ok snellima was the culprit behind that joke> But av never laghed harder.

@ctumwet's Kitenge

Here is a quote from her bog:Soooo…mad excitement!!! Wondering why I’ve been away from the blog for like three days not saying about the little things that I’ve been allowed to by the Almighty?? A DRESS!! It is a dress the has kept me away from the blog for like three days not saying about the little things that I’ve been allowed to by the Almighty!!!

Then there is @ombuna,not alot to say bout him except he is the emotional one,@ynair recomended i bring him flowers coz he needs some sunshine in his life,between him telling me how he has just been busted growing weed by his dad,and me and him exchanging verbal insults about dubing exams in JKUAT…he   fun lakini<dont let him hear I said that> Lakini dante next sem hakuna ku chew ovyo ovyo!!

@snellima,I call her mellisa,chebet calls her nelz,ynair had a new one this week nazi..she the alumni of the group,having finished campo months ago,graduating this month I guess.Nelz is the mchokozi of the group,She the one who comes up with weird topics of discussion,Juzi they were talking bout mtu wa KBC…only god knows who that is.

@ynair…she introduced the classic line “the tribe has spoken”,a finality in most conversations,ynair always has my  back when i diss dante,mpaka akamwabia ampatie tissues to wipe the tears when dante was getting all emotional.

@aka_jaymo…the blogger.The one who beefs with dante,shares jokes with ynair,used to drink with snellima and blogs with chebet and now is addicted to twitter

So every morning before @alychansatchu starts tweeting you know where you can find me

ps.Follow me <here>

Back to the Server room!!


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2 responses to “#Twitter addiction.

  1. ictumwet

    July 10, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Sawa…I will make matching vitenges for the group..agreed?!?!

    • akajaymo

      July 10, 2011 at 3:42 pm

      as long as mine is better than dante’s then am game


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