2 weeks abscence explained

04 Sep

This is one of those Blog posts…you know the ones inspired by black mail and high doses of Caffine…..why Black mail?Well many of my readers have been alarmed by my  abcence from the blogosphere…Others have questioned me via twitter or facebook…and being the loyal writer  I am an explanation  is  owed to them…..secondly i mentioned something about high levels of Caffine…well am blogging at 2.17am in the morning… am in no way Insomniac….far from it…my eyelids are heavy….the caffine boost aint doing what it should.Am laughing at my  twitter TL because @iddsalim is downing coffee and Redbull

I just finished installing Ubuntu on my machine….backtrack(the previous linux distro I was running) isnt cutting it anymore….to many requirements.Plus I have  to revert to WLAN & I couldn’t get any WiFi drivers for Backtrack….. which is ironical coz Backtrack is a penetration testing tool…..any who…its in the morning and am blooging thats what matters(I refrain from tech lingo)

Its been what…2 weeks  if my math serves me right…..what has cut since….oooh am no longer an intern…sorry folks (read Finlays) I wount be doing those 7.30am morning calls because your machine went to hibernate and decided to take a sebatical.

Finlays was great by any standard… what ever yard stick you choose….so much so that it warrants a lone post…..mentioning it  in passing would be like kissing a chic and stoping there….yes folks you know a bratha’s hands have to do the walking….so the next post I do (later on today) will be soley dedicated to my Internship….thats one extra post this week.

What else is new…ooooh yes… am back to school…am back to Math School at that university with alarmingly more dudes than chics *read JKUAT *….yes my final year….the year  I have my last swing at a college threesome (sorry guys I had to say it)….The year I promised to blog about…..the year that this blog is actually set.

With that in mind my next post will be about my first week at Jkuat as a 4th year…. that should be a thrill to….so Tuesday will see me blog about that….

Baassss nishajibonga……let me get to bed,Morning niko na class ya Fluid Mechanics2….and the lecturer is anything but a blog reader…

ps.Am going to my first class this sem so I think i will blog a little in class,just to quench your reading thirst..

Aya basi wacha jamaa akalale


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4 responses to “2 weeks abscence explained

  1. Wahu

    September 5, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Finally he speaks! cant wait for the Finlays post!

    • akajaymo

      September 5, 2011 at 10:01 am

      working on it as saa hii

  2. ictumwet

    September 5, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Lost me a little at the OS talk..Threesome??? Aaahhh…your college fantasies. 🙂

    • akajaymo

      September 5, 2011 at 6:19 pm

      you know am still leaving on the other side of the tracks….I need people to bring me back to JC


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