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Jaymo vs the groupie,hater and snitch.

The series in Question you may ask?



In the case of  loyal followers vs akajaymo in the matter of the fore mentioned ab scorning his blog for several days,how does the defendant plead?

“not Guilty your honor”

“Will the opposing council call their first witness to the stand”

“we  call to the stand Groupie1”

OPPOSING COUNCIL: Please tell the court your name and your relationship with the defendant then give your story.

GROUPIE1: My name is Groupie and just like my name states am akajaymo’s number 1 groupie. Now the reason am on this stand today is coz    this nyga  right here has been snobbish to me like i don’t  exist and has even changed numbers on me,what nerve.

matter of fact since he started blogging he hasn’t had time for me,i rarely see him outside anymore and every time we talk he jolts away faking some wave of brilliance,you should hear him talk “Groupie baadaye, nimepata inspiration ya post  mazee”

I mean if that aint  snobbing,then what is??He even went as far as telling me he would leave his blog for me,and i believed it since the last few days we have been with him,no writing,no waves of briliance,just me and him. Till yesterday when he left me and i havent seen that lying bastard since

OPPOSING COUNCIL: let the record show that the lying bastard is  akajaymo.Who categorically  abscorned his blog to be with groupie.You may have your seat Groupie1.

we call to the stand hater1.

Please tell the court your name and your relationship with the defendant then give your story.

HATER1: (in a deep american accent)YO!! my name be Hater,with a capital H coz i hate on all yall fake thuging nygas nahmean.Now this nyga right here,this nyga right here! this nyga be a fake nyga, he be all up on my shyt,talking like he got samthing to say.Matter of fact i aint snitching,c0z yall know real nygas as myself dont snitch but i heard him bitching bout how he aint got no more creative juice left in him.How he thinking of just endin it all,and i was like i told yall  nygas he cant write.only thing he can write is the alphabet,and he need help withthat too.Nyga u aint malcom-x with your revolutionary speech….what!!

let the record show that akajaymo ab scorned his blog because and i quote no more Read the rest of this entry »


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The IT crowd:Feasty Friday.

TV drama for the day:

The IT Crowd.

Set in the London offices of the fictional corporation Reynholm industries,the show  revolves around the three staff members of its IT department,comprising their boss,the geeky technician and a genius named Maurice Moss….(sorry no intern in the drama)

Well my IT department is no different…there are 3 staff members plus me(the intern).How are my days like you may wonder?well..

My mornings are typical,its past 6:30am and am headed to the bus stop(i conveniently left out the part about how I woke up,dragged myself to the shower…you know) jamming to some music from my phone.7:45am  am at work.For some weird reason i always  find my boss  in the office,I have noted that I usually leave him at work am some how find him there,talk  about resilience….I am yet to ascertain  he doesn’t  teleport  himself  to work…so i boot up my machine and my day officially begins.

Now anyone with basic computer skills will agree with me that a computer with no administrative privileges Read the rest of this entry »

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