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I had their tracks on loop all weekend,lupe <my i pod>,must have been tired of playing em back to back,or it got addicted to playing A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D.Any who ladies and gentlemen,tweeps and tweephearts..allow  me to sing out my praises to my new best group…campmulla


Camp Mulla is a Kenyan Rap Group founded by rappers Taio Tripper, Young Kass, Super-Producer K’Cous and their syndicate C.E.O, Tuchi. Other band Members include Miss.Karun, the First Lady and J-smiles who are superb vocalists. Camp Mulla’s main goal is to spread Urban Hip Hop music influence all Over East Africa and soon Globally.

I remember seeing this group last year at WAPI and shrugging em off as just another group,but bwoy was i wrong..despite their age(Ihear the oldest be 20-youngest be 17  ),they got flow from here to Timbuktu.They call their music (2-5-flow) ,they specialize in hip hop<am biased like that > , but have recently began branching out into different genres ranging from House/Electro, to R&B.

There is this one track called beat box by young kass,colli bop,prospekt that just killed it for me<download here>,there is this line where they say they off to get that money like a serogate mum that got me on my feet ,not to mention the dope beats..

You can check out their <website here>

You can download some of their <tracks here>


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